Hello there! I'm Cam Sharpe, a 22 year old from Cambridge, Ontario; and I specialize in 2D compositing.

I've always been dabbling into the world of VFX since I was 11 years old with stop motion photography using action figures, then jumping into the world of motion graphics one Video Copilot tutorial at a time. 

I fully embraced my love for VFX at Humber College in their Film & TV Production program, taking on VFX for over 15 projects in my final 2 semesters.

This past year I've been working freelance on the feature films You Don't Know Dick & Beyond Hell, as well as side projects for other clients.

I’ve also entered the world of digital art; starting with Star Wars action figure composites in Photoshop, and other projects such as The Office Avengers and Star Wars Retro Posters.

My main goal is to work my way up the VFX industry and work on major films seen across the world.

My other goal is to meet Steve Carrell.